Where to hide a vibrator

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#1 Where to hide a vibrator

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Who invented the first vibrator


What vibrator is best for me

How to avoid falling into the routine in your relationship
The routine that leads to monotony and boredom is one of the main enemies of couples, since when it is installed in the relationship it deteriorates and eventually destroys it. It is necessary to emphasize that there is a type of routine that is beneficial and fundamental in the couple, because it creates union and stability in the relationship. It is normal for couples to create customs, such as sleeping together in the same way, doing certain activities every day. The problem originates when you get to the end of the routine falling into monotony.
First of all it is necessary to clarify the meaning of several terms, that is to say, the routine is an inveterate custom, habit acquired of doing things by mere practice and without thinking them. Meanwhile, the monotony is the uniformity, equality of tone in the speaker, in the voice, in the music, etc., but above all it is characterized by the lack of variety. On the other hand, boredom is the fatigue or annoyance that comes from discomfort or annoyance, it can also be caused by not having something that distracts and entertains. Once these concepts are clear, we must realize that the problem in the routine of the relationship originates when it becomes monotonous and boring, causing the interest in the couple to decrease.

Carrying out different plans such as horseback riding keep the relationship alive
Solutions to break with the routine The fact of surprising your partner is one of the main factors that is always present in the relationship, so that something is done from time to time for both. It is recommended to surprise the couple at least once a month at least, preparing something special according to their tastes and personality. We must bear in mind that the surprise factor is the fact of doing something that takes the couple out of the monotony, that is, doing something but that is always new and different.
Plan new things in the relationship It is advisable to talk openly with your partner about this topic because together they can organize something to break the routine. You can plan something together at least once a month to serve a special and different time. You have to think that it is not the same to spend a day doing the housework together, to spend a day doing something new and different. It is recommended to reach an agreement where they agree once a month to plan a new activity.
You must use imagination and creativity to end the monotony
For example it is advisable to write a list of what you would love to do with your partner, and month to month choose a plan from that list to do it. Some different plans can be diving, horseback riding, taking dance classes, going to the mountains, visiting a distant family, or enjoy an evening in the light of the stars. It is important to keep in mind that the cinema or the shopping center does not have anything different or new.
Use imagination, innovation and creativity It must be known that putting imagination into practice and using creativity can put an end to the couple's routine every time one proposes it. If a person has at his disposal those powerful weapons, to use them at any time to break the monotony of a daily partner. For example the fact of making your partner's favorite dish in a new restaurant, preparing a different breakfast, or even painting your lips wishing you a happy day is something innovative.
Combining love and imagination is a formula to overcome and keep the growing couple
It is recommended to take advantage of any moment and opportunity to do something different, being creative and daring through the application of these solutions to remedy boredom, and thus build a better relationship and achieve happiness. An important fact that must be taken into account is that the combination of the factors love and imagination, is the formula to overcome and maintain the couple with a constant growth, and never lose the initial spark with which the relationship begins.
Show mutual admiration Certain aspects of the couple must be valued, admired, respected and surprised, and of course you have to know in your relationship. You also have to be complicit, since at the moment when any external circumstance occurs, you have to create a common front, and take into account the concepts of complicity, understanding and approach. Regarding sincerity, it is a factor that must exist above all in the fundamental things that affect the couple. Although you have to take care of the way of expressing things, because an excess of sincerities can become counterproductive.
Humor is a necessary element, and it is advisable to share it, since it makes the relationship be satisfied
Take care of the details Keep in mind that the ability to surprise makes you more desirable in the couple, because the surprise factor is not only a way of being, but is also considered a skill that can be reached to develop and acquire at certain times. On the other hand, laughter is a necessary and healthy element in the relationship, since a satisfied partner is happy, and enjoys it. Humor is very important, and the fact of sharing it is also important. In addition, the demonstrations of affection should always be present, since sometimes asking for the affection has the same value as that given without asking. If your partner does not spoil you, you can make a request, however giving and receiving is synonymous with offers as a consequence.
Manifest disagreements Regarding this issue it is important to manifest them through communication and dialogue, since the differences may indicate and cause concern, alertness, ambition, desire, to go further, there is no to conform. Just as asking for forgiveness is wise, it is essential to recognize the mistakes that are made during the relationship, such as accepting the other's apologies if so considered. On the other hand, it is not enough to say I love you, things have to be demonstrated in things and in small ones. You have to make sure that your partner knows and feels it about you.

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